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Frequently Asked Questions - Hosting

Why should I host?

Hosting an exchange student is an enriching experience for you and your family. Not only do you have the opportunity to improve your German language skills, but you learn about a new and interesting culture, and make lifelong friendships. Students who host are welcomed to fun social events including GASS Wintercamp, Melbourne Regional Day, and a Trivia Night. Further, students who host are guaranteed an interview if they apply for our SAGSE scholarship to travel to Germany.

I’m in year 10, Can I still host?

Yes! Any student in high school years 10-12 or equivalent, at the time of the inbound exchange year is eligible to host a German student in Victoria.

Do I need to be enrolled in German class at school to host?

No. Although it is encouraged, this is not a requirement to host, as the German students are on exchange to improve their English and immerse themselves into Australian culture.

How long will I be hosting for?

On average the students are in Australia for 10 weeks from approximately mid-June until mid-August. However, this duration may vary slightly year to year.

Will the German student stay with us for the entire duration?

No. During the exchange, there is “GASS Wintercamp”, followed by “Melbourne Regional day” in the July school holidays. All selected Australian host siblings are invited to attend with their German host sibling. The German students will also leave their host families 1.5 weeks before they fly home to Germany, for 5-6 days of “Independent Free Travel” followed by a 3 day “Sydney Camp”.

What is GASS Wintercamp?

Wintercamp is a 4 day trip, run by GASS Australia. All German exchange students, Australian host siblings, and some GASSies come together for fun group activities, challenges, and games. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Previous camps have been run in places such as Ballan, Warrnambool, and Anglesea.

What is Melbourne Regional Day?

Regional Day is another GASS event for the German students and host siblings to enjoy. It is a guided day of activities and sightseeing in Melbourne CBD with the aim of showcasing our city to the German students.

How much does hosting cost?

There is no upfront cost to apply. However, host families are expected to cover general living expenses for the German student. This includes: accommodation in the family home, any activities undertaken as a family, and food during their stay. The German student will bring pocket money that they can spend on additional expenditures. 

Additionally, host siblings will be required to purchase their own tickets to GASS Wintercamp and Melbourne Regional Day (German students will pay for their own tickets). Wintercamp costs approximately $200-250 for 3 nights away. Melbourne regional day costs approximately $30.

Will the German student come to school with me?

Yes! They will be enrolled into your current school, and will be expected to attend each day with you. It is the host family's responsibility to enroll the host student at your school. 

How are we matched with a German Student?

The SAGSE Host Family committee will review “Get to know me” forms submitted by the German students as well as the Australian host families. The students are matched as best as possible primarily based upon shared hobbies/interests. Dietary requirements, allergies, gender preference (eg. If you attend a single-gendered school) and other such requirements are also considered. 

How can I Apply?

There are 2 forms to submit. Firstly, the “Host Family Application Form” to be filled out by the applying host family. Secondly, the “School Consent Form” to be signed by your school principal. Both forms are available on the website, however please contact our host families team at hosting.vic@sagse.org.au so we can stay in touch and answer any questions. Once both forms are emailed to our Host Family Coordinator at hosting.vic@sagse.org.au and confirmed, we will begin the interview process.

I’m a teacher with amazing students. Is there a hosting information package I can send to my class?

Yes, you can download our promotional brochure here!

Who can I contact for more information?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Host Family Coordinator via email: hosting.vic@sagse.org.au