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Scholarships for Australian-German Student Exchange (SAGSE) awards scholarships to Australian students each year to travel to Germany for 10 weeks during their summer holidays. The exchange program aims to give students an insight into a foreign culture and build friendships between the youth of these two countries. Read more...

Where are they now? - Issue 31

A look into our past, present and future - Daniel Adler

This month's edition takes us back to a critical moment in German and world history. A couple of weeks after Daniel and his fellow stipis were awarded their scholarships, the Berlin Wall fell. So Dan and co were in the amazing position to experience the state of flux the two German states found themselves in over the following months. These days Dan lives in Washington DC with his wife and two children. He heads up the unit that handles complaints from communities impacted by World Bank projects around the world.

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Where are they now? - Issue 31